1Mercury Mountaineer is a Sport-universal Car

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Mercury is the American company, specialized on an automobile production, created as a separation of company Ford Motor Headquarters is in Diborne (Michigan). In 2001 the main novelty of this company was a debuted appearance of comfortable off-road car Mountaineer 2002 model years which entered sale already by a spring 2001; it is a luxurious version of Ford Explorer.


Popular motor-car video show Motîr week acknowledged Mercury Mountaineer to be the best family off-road car of 2002 on questioning the drivers. An award was given to the president of firm Mercury Brian Kelli in auto show in Chicago. Appearing in the market as the renewed version, the sales of this off-road car increased for78%, and sales of spare parts did 51% more. As the director of Motîr week John Davis declared, "Mountaineer still remains a standard for other off-road cars of middle class".

Davis marked a wonderful design, comfortable salon and magnificent technical descriptions of machine that are able to satisfy any demands of drivers and passengers. Fighting for the prize the car from Mercury went round 12 other off-road, selected by journalists of Motor week. Technical descriptions comfort and practicality of machine and also its price were estimated by tests. This was the not first and not last reward of Mercury Mountaineer. This off-road car was marked with other motor-car editions of the USA, including prize for safety.


So-called sporting-universal cars (SUV) with a comfortable basket universal on a durable logeron frame with front independent spring and behind pendants dependent spring with a complete (4WD) or only back (2WD) drive became more and more popular at the market of North America. Large popularity of back drive is explained with love of Americans to various trailers towage. So the best variant is a backward drive frame car with a powerful poor-quality engine expending a lot of fuel.

A spacious salon is foreseen in five variants. Comfortable seats are regulated in six levels – such ones and similar to these machines, as they say in the USA, – for trips from an ocean to the ocean. And great number of different pockets, boxes and glass-holders are a necessary demand for successful sales at the American market. Every version can be both full drive and back drive.

However, it is necessary to take into account that standard tires of dimension 225/70 R15 and transmission with the limited margin of safety however intended for normal roads or stony plains, but not for clay country road track or deep snowdrifts. But a full drive transmission with the system of automatic connecting of front leading bridge (due to the sly fast-acting electromagnetic system, to taking into account the moment of wheels slipping and also speed mode of motion) makes life of driver easier, that it is necessary to watch after the road only. Well and for the lack of roads it will be necessary to change wheels for wider tires and change shock absorbers, but even in this case it is better not to get into such forests – to drag out 2000kg off-road car is very difficult activity.


Mercury Mountaineer has a standard 4- liter V-8 by power of 242 Hp with a twisting moment 339 Nm at 4750 turns/min equipped with the system of fuel injection. Together with a standard 5-step mechanical KP (or ordered automat) such engine will manage the towage of various trailers full mass from 2.7 to 4.3 tons. Ordering it you are able to complete a machine with 4.9 liter powerful V8.


Front brakes are disc ventilated, and back are disc.

Other features

The range of knots of working part and pendant were taken from the model Ford Bronco II (in its turn it is compatible with pickups Ranger of 1986-1994 output). As additional options wide mud flaps, baffle for a hood, rubber carpet for the floor of luggage rack, muffs of disconnecting reducing gears of front bridge and turnbuckles were offered so sweet ones in Russia. Attention! Some people consider that car with turnbuckle should cost more expensive car. It is a big error, in fact if it is there so it was exploited more intensively and the deterioration of his aggregates (transmissions in the first turn) is bigger. So the price should be corresponding.