How to Save Money to Buy a Car

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Here are a number of simple steps on how to save money to buy a car. Too many people simply run out to a car lot, pick out a car, and sign the papers requiring a large monthly payment for a car that is rapidly losing value. A better plan is to save up money for a large down payment or even better to pay cash outright. Having cash in hand will often even help the buyer to get a better price. The following tips are designed to help save money to buy a car that will help a buyer to avoid paying large finance charges and to get a better deal.

The first step of how to save money to buy a car is to have a safe place to hold your savings. Some people are capable of keeping money in a jar or checking account and still save, but many end up spending their savings if they have ready access to it. A great way to save money is to open a savings account in a small local bank or credit union in a nearby town. Making deposits will not be too difficult, but having to drive to a bank that is not right down the street will make withdrawing the money easier.

Force yourself to put away some money to save for a car every time you get paid. Even if it is only 10 or 20 dollars, this small amount will build and help motivate you to save even more to buy a new car.

Next come up with some idea of what car or truck that you want to buy. Get a few pictures of one and place them in places where it will remind you to be cautious with your money. A copy in your wallet, by your home phone, and on the dashboard of your current car is a good start.

Make getting the car a team effort. Enlist your friends or family to help you remember to be frugal with your money.

Get a second or third job to save money just for buying a car. While few people can afford to save all of their extra job's pay, dedicate a percentage of every check from the extra job to save to buy a car. Picking up odd jobs, collecting scrap metal, and similar money makers can help as well.

Stop carrying a lot of cash around with you. Having cash in your pocket or even a debit card or credit card can make spending money too easy. Carry enough for whatever you might reasonably need and leave the rest at home.

Keep your mind focused on saving money to buy the car or truck that you want and make sure to think through every purchase before making it.