Best First Cars – Safest Cars for Teenagers

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Parents often dread the day when they have to choose a first car for their teenager, as sending their fragile child out on the road for the first time is nothing short of terrifying. If only parents could cover the vehicle from front to back with large flashing signs stating “student driver — look out” it may make them feel a little bit better. The best way for mothers and fathers to feel comfortable with sending their children off on the road is to choose from a list of the safest cars for teenagers.

Best First Cars

Kia Forte – For those looking for not only an affordable price tag, but also top of the line safety, the Kia Forte has it all for around $13,000. This car earned five stars for driver and passenger impact ratings, as well as the top best safety report from the Institute for Highway Safety.

Ford Fiesta – Another great car that offers both affordability and safety is the Ford Fiesta. The savings doesn’t stop at the cost of the vehicle, as individuals will continue to save on gas with a fuel efficiency of 30/40 miles per gallon. This gives teenagers the chance to put their extra money in a savings fund for college, rather than blow it all on gas. More importantly, this car offers side air bags for the front seat, side curtain air bags, and an exclusive driver’s side knee airbag. This is as good as wrapping your teen in bubble wrap.

Mazda – For those who want to step it up a bit in size and features, the Mazda 3 is one of the best first cars for teen drivers. With a fairly reasonable price of around $15,000, any young driver would be proud to call this car their own. Parents will be more than pleased with its safety features, as it offers anti-lock disc brakes, front head restraints, front side airbags, as well as side curtain airbags.

Honda Accord – For parents looking for a larger sized vehicle, the Honda Accord offers plenty of room and features that will be much appreciated. Even though it’s not the smallest of options, it still provides excellent gas efficiency, with 21/31 miles per gallon. The car features standard airbags all throughout and earned a report card of a perfect five stars on the crash ratings.

Good Cars for Young Drivers

When looking for the safest cars for teenagers, parents should always do their homework. There are plenty of options that not only provide safety, but affordability and overall features that both parents and teenagers will surely appreciate.