A Unique Way to Sell Your Car: Take a Road Trip

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If the standard way to sell your car isn't working, such as posting on listing websites or placing a "For Sale" sign in your car window, you may have to get a little more creative and unique to sell your car. Think about this situation logically-the more exposure your car gets, the more likely you're going to come upon that one person who's serious about buying it. Also, consider that some buyers don't want to travel far in order to examine and purchase a car. So your unique plan should involve exposing your car to as many people in as many places as possible and maybe you should go to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. One unique way to sell your car is to take a road trip.

First, prepare your car before you hit the road with it. Who is going to want to buy a dirty unpolished car? Even if they do show interest, they'll probably try to low ball you on the price. So get your car washed and detailed professionally and shine up the tires. Get the engine cleaned as well (auto stores also sell do-it-yourself engine degreasers) so that when a prospective buyers asks to open the hood, you won't cringe.

Next, take a day or weekend road trip through the various counties in your state and surrounding states with the car to increase exposure. Stay within a 75 to 100 mile radius. Turn it into a trip for both business and pleasure–visit popular eateries and local attractions where you can park on the street.

Spend at least an hour parked in each area to allow people time to check out the car and take down your telephone number to call you for more information. You might even get some calls or in-person inquiries the same day of your trip to sell your car.

Drive through all of the major shopping districts and main streets of the towns in your area. Take local roads instead of the highways whenever possible so that people on the street and in their cars have time to take down your telephone number as printed on your sign or car magnet. If you do take the highway, drive in the far right lane and take your time driving. Remember the purpose of this trip-to increase exposure to sell your car.

This unique way to sell your car could be all you need to get some serious calls from interested parties flowing in, especially if you're not getting any hits through traditional means.